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Tourist Attractions and Relationship Expectations in A Small Hotel

by Bridget Maguire Robert Olen Butler takes readers on an intimate journey into the French Quarter of New Orleans in his novel, A Small Hotel (2011).  On the day Kelly is supposed to be finalizing her divorce, she goes back … Continue reading

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Welty’s Strangers Journey Out, and South, of Conventional New Orleans

by Bridget Maguire Eudora Welty takes readers on a journey to a place unbound by social convention in her short story, “No Place for You, My Love.”  This story’s inspiration stems from a trip Welty, accompanied by young Harvard professor … Continue reading

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Alice Dunbar-Nelson’s Struggle as a Multiracial Woman in Biracial America

by Bridget Maguire Alice Dunbar-Nelson was born into the Creole society of New Orleans on July 19, 1875, and grew up in a house located at 56½ Palmyra Street in Carrollton (Larson 68). Although she identified herself as African American … Continue reading

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