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“Us and Them”: Racial Boundaries in Glass House

By Maddy Boylan George The disparity in wealth, class, and race is shown through Christine Wiltz’s novel Glass House. Set in the late 1980s, the novel reflects the racial tensions present in New Orleans at a time when a weakened … Continue reading

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Walker Percy and “Mon Amour,” a New Orleans Convert

By Maddy Boylan George Walker Percy was born in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1916 as the eldest of three boys.  Percy’s early life was filled with death and catastrophe. When Percy was 8 months old his grandfather committed suicide by shooting … Continue reading

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The Self-Realization of Edna Pontellier and her Personal Awakening, Charted Through the Geographical Locations in the Novel

By Maddy Boylan George Kate Chopin moves the action in The Awakening from Grand Isle in the Gulf of Mexico, to the French Quarter in New Orleans, and then back to Grand Isle. The movement of the protagonist between island … Continue reading

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